Fay Ray featured in Art Forum Critic’s Pick

Toying with luster, shadow, and patina, the artist’s work resembles the mysterious realm evoked by luxury-goods advertising, relying so heavily on sparkle. Under this magical spotlight, even her corncobs resemble crystals. In Ray’s cosmos, detritus takes on a celestial essence.

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Fay Ray featured in Artillery


The wondrous Egg Arch and Pearl Portal(2018) combines elements of all three categories of her practice, in an elaborately rephotographed collage, printed on cut aluminum, that stands as a queenly Rosicrucian-esque apparition promising physical and energetic transportation to another, more feminine dimension.


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Fay Ray featured in Artscene


Fay Ray’s exhibition “I am the House” ranges from complex dye- sublimation prints on aluminum, to simple design elements in multi-media sculptures. In uenced by thediverse examples of John Baldessari and Kara Walker, her prints are photo montages of recurring themes.


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Fay Ray featured in the LA Times


"Egg Arch and Pearl Portal" is the most arresting of the photo pieces. Scaled to human height and shaped like a passageway, the aluminum-mounted print beckons us inward, to a space at once cosmic and commercial, primal and performative.


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Fay Ray featured in Riot Material


Teeming with traditionally feminine objects and symbols, including eggs, diamonds, chalices, flowers, feathers, and seashells, Los Angeles-based multimedia artist Fay Ray’s current Shulamit Nazarian exhibition, I AM THE HOUSE, investigates issues of bodily objectification and the meaning of womanhood. The surrealism-inspired photo collages, dye-sublimation prints, and suspended sculptures seen here reveal the female form to be…


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Fay Ray featured in LA Confidential


Native Angeleno Fay Ray, 36, needed to step outside of LA and experience the cold concrete jungle of NYC to learn the true value that her childhood home added to her artistic life. “I think the lizard is my spirit animal,” says the artist, who earned her MFA at Columbia University. “Stepping outside and being…


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Fay Ray featured in Wallpaper*


The list of artists whose parents steered 18-wheeler Peterbilts on long hauls through the desert is quite slim but Fay Ray is on it: her girlhood travels include her father's Imperial Valley, California to Mexicali, Baji run.


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